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Guys…  20K Prize Money

Hope you are doing great! New contest for you (20K Cash Prize). We are working on medical sector. Our target is to bring AI into Medical. In this regard, We want you to with us in our projects. Before assigning you core project, we want you to explore 4 Different Projects.

Play with all these 4 projects – Code is available, 

Note: We want minimum  96% accuracy from your trained model

Project 1 :  Cataract Detection

Cataract dataset: Click Here

Play with this code, come up with new findings

CodeClick Here

Project 2: Retinal Disease Classification – 46 different diseases

Dataset link: Click Here

Code you can work – Modify code,

Code: Click Here

Project 3: Ultrasound Nerve Segmentation

Dataset Link: Click Here

Project 4: EEG data from basic sensory task 

Dataset Link:  Click Here

Code: Click Here

If you want to work with on upcoming contest, you have to explore any of 2 projects mentioned above. Train model from your end.

S. No.ChallengeDatasetCode
1Cataract Detection ModelClick Here 
2Retinal Disease Classification – 46 different diseasesClick Here 
3Ultrasound Nerve SegmentationClick Here 
4EEG Basic Sensory TaskClick Here 

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