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Hello, this is Sai Satish. Due to the recent heavy rainfall, a significant amount of paddy and grains have been damaged by water. I am wondering if it would be possible to create a large, waterproof container using recycled plastic that can be easily moved and expanded. We could call it the “smart container” and incorporate several features to enhance its functionality.The smart container could be designed with sensors that monitor the temperature and humidity levels inside, and transmit that data to a smartphone app or a cloud-based platform. This would allow farmers to monitor the condition of their stored grains remotely and take action if any issues arise. Additionally, the container could be equipped with an automated climate control system, such as fans or heaters, to maintain optimal storage conditions for the grains.To increase the versatility of the container, we could make it expandable to multiple sizes and easily transportable with wheels or handles. This would allow farmers to customize the container to suit their specific needs and easily move it around the farm or load it onto a truck for transportation to other locations.Overall, the smart container would be a highly useful tool for farmers to store their grains in a safe and secure manner while providing valuable data and control features to optimize the storage conditions.

Sai Satish

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