Online Internship Program at Indian Servers

Online Internship Program at Indian Servers

Its 6 weeks Online Internship Program. Certificate will be couriered to your address after completion of Program. Training + Internship Fee 1000 Rs.

You can Choose Machine Learning or Cyber Security

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  1. Any offline internships available for this summer(2020)…plz update and notify.

  2. Polidasu Harshavardhan

    Sir , My sincere request is that I would be paying the amount in the month of May .
    Is that ok for you sir .

  3. Its live video or upload videos

  4. Rakesh Chigurupati

    Nice sir I have listed you course in klu sir I like it

  5. Thank u sir

  6. Nani's telugu world

    How you pay 1000 rs

  7. What topics will be explained sir.

  8. Just want to inquire, is there any timings to be followed during the internship program ??
    Is it possible to do, in our convenient time?

  9. Sir, is it a useful program for startups….

  10. Just want to inquire, is there any timings to be followed during the internship program ??
    Is it possible to do, in our convenient time?

  11. Kanithi Hemanth Raj

    Sir, I have completed my Graduation on 2017, but here option allows up to 2018 only,

    What Shall I do for enrolment

  12. Any prerequisites?

  13. Any prerequisites

  14. Sir, if the student won’t have graduation. Whether he is eligible or not for this internship.

  15. Any certificate and mini project is given after completion of the course.

  16. I have no experience in cyber security. I want to learn. Is it applicable ?

  17. Should we have basic knowledge of both the topics ?
    Or can we learn it in training?

  18. How many days it takes to get instructions from the company

  19. will this internship is available only up to may 15 sir, or it has any other dates after may?

  20. Hemanth Raj Kanithi

    Sir is there any Course regarding Railway engineering and Signalling( or sir can you suggest me any other right website or Organisation)

  21. Ayush jain Singhai

    sir i want to know about details of topics that we are going to study and schedule of classes

  22. Sir I have registered for the course but I didn’t get any information yet.

  23. Sir I have registered longback.But I didn’t get any information yet

  24. Sir! I Didn’t get any mail
    I preferred a batch from April 1st
    How could i join and attend classes??

  25. Nagarjuna Mutyala

    will i get any certificate regarding the internship

  26. this certificate is valid for any cyber security jobs ?

  27. Sir, i saw this site today only. Can you please tell me how many weeks this internship will be because due to this pandemic situation i don’t know from when my college will start. In above comments i came to know that 3/4hrs per week lectures will be. But total number of weeks is not mentioned.

  28. Tejaswi Miriyala

    Hello Indian Servers,
    Good evening.
    Actually I found a error while filling the form like recapture is failing how many times I do it.I am a RPA developer and I am interested in exploring new things.can you please let me know why I am facing that problem while filling the form.
    Thank you.

  29. Sir, I have done my graduation a couple of years back but i’m interested to learn ML.

    Can i enroll?

  30. Is that the laptop with webcam is necessary??

  31. Sir what are the prerequisites for machine learning internship?

  32. We want to internship in batch wise is there a chance in this

  33. hello sir, i don’t have knowledge in machine learning, can i enroll???

  34. I have filled the form 10 dys ago ..I didn’t get any information yet

  35. Abhishek Reddy K

    What is course plan of the Cyber Security Internship & whether we will have hands on training like practicals etc?

    Please help me out by giving information about those

    Thank You

  36. Sir who is the mentor for cybersecurity…

  37. Shreya Maramreddy

    I have filled a form 2 days ago … I didn’t get any follow up call plz can look into it.

  38. I filled the form for the batch of june1 ,but no response.

  39. When the next batch going to start?

  40. Is this internship still available?

  41. Sir, can I join this internship around mid-July?

  42. Sir is that internship is available sir still, iam very passionate towards practical learning , I want to develop my skills sir this is previous time we can utilise for developing of professional skills Sir.


    Sir I have filled the application form for internship yesterday, Sir I have not got any response sir how should I contact Sir.

  44. Only machine learning and cyber security related internships are available or any other technologies available

  45. Mounika Priya Kosuri

    Hii sir,after completion of this internship do you provide certificate

  46. Lakshman Muttineni

    Is this internship still available

  47. I’m trying to contact you but no one is responding, I want join the internship, please respond

  48. Can any one apply to machine learning those who have no knowledge about coding can we get to learn from scratch?!

  49. Sir , is this internship available now

  50. Where is the form ?? Link ?

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