School Management Software

School Management Software

School Management Software with SMS. One of the best software’s to manage your school academics. If you are looking to automate all your school activities with a single software then, you are in right place. Here we are presenting a one stop solution for all your school software needs.

Through Our software you can manage fee, attendance, exams and marks. you can send absentee informatation to their parents, exams and marks notifications. Feel free to send your queries to your we are happy to answer all your questions related to our Software which is installed in more than 5000 schools

Since 8 years many schools are using our software with utmost satisfaction. You can use this software as SMS Software for sending daily reports of the student. Our School Software has

Some of the screenshots of our School Software

Presenting World class, 5000+ Clients base School Management Software from Indian Servers

Features :

  • Student Management Software
  • Fee Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Exams & Marks management
  • SMS Automation of Attendance/Fee/Exam Marks
  • Bus location Information
  • TC / CC Issues
  • lot more

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