Encumbrance Certificate Online

Encumbrance Certificate Online

How to Search Encumbrance Certificate Online

Search Encumbrance Certificate

Search Encumbrance Certificate

Encumbrance Certificate give a lot of information about property owner details,

Search your Properties official registration details. There are many cases where a person sell a property to other person which he don’t own. Or there is a chance to double register same property for multiple people. Technology brought a great solution for such problems. No You can search any property details in INDIA in respective state government websites.

What you need is

      1.Search for eEC can be made on :

        1.Document Number and Year of Document OR
        2.House Number or Old House Number or Apartment name situated in a City/ Town/Village with optional Flat Number and Colony/Locality/Habitation OR


        3.Survey number in a Revenue Village and optionally described by a Plot number.


      4.District and SRO office selection is mandatory under all options.
    2. Period of search is controlled as per the availability of data.
    3. Users are advised to enter the house number following the standard format as Ward – Block – Door NO / Bi no. for better results.
    4. As the data describing the property is not well structured and standardized due to legacy data and variation in description of the same property with respect to time because of changes in the classification of property, a probabilistic search is made and that may result in display of multiple results some of which may not be of any interest to the user. User should select the relevant entry for generating the statement on Encumbrances.
Now you can search Property details Online

Official Websites to Search EC –

Search Andhra Pradesh EC Online


Search Telangana EC Online



Tamilnadu Encumbrance Certificate  Online



Karnataka Encumbrance Certificate Online

Not Yet Available


Other Indian States EC Details will be updated in this Page

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